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Hello people!!

Our wifi will be okay soon! Yay!

Now, we have to finish packing our things and solve some other problems about our flat. We’ll be moving next week, so our real lives are really hectic here —’

Nick and me are drinking some coffee right now, and RaeRae is stucked on our flat sending hate mails to her trainer and trying to calm down her boss… Gosh, I wonder if it is PMS or something, because her self-esteem just vanished! (Or maybe it is the damn wifi. Why do they complicate these things, we have been waiting a whole week!)

And Nick is mad at one of his students. Again. Apparently, being a Phylosophy and History teacher is really stressing when you’re not even 30 hehehe

Harder, though, is have to stand 2 people who lives with you complaining and sulking when we’re about to move ¬¬

Btw, did I told you people that we’re going to Japan next year??

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